Lumieres London Festival 2013 - 2018

Discover a giant birdcage in Battle Bridge Place. This IFO (Identified Flying Object) is Jacques Rival’s spectacular installation. Standing at 9m high and magnificently lit in neon, it invites visitors to walk through its bars and enjoy the swing that’s in its centre. This unusual object is a permanent piece in the King’s Cross area.
The IFO Birdcage was originally designed to be lift up thanks to the crane in the giant building site, and become a monumental luminary above King’s Cross.
This project, commissioned by Stephanie Delcroix and Michael Pinsky was to be a nomad installation in King’s cross,
connected to the parts of the construction site of the new urban area.
Designed to be a scenographic installation for an urban playing field but also a true light installation expressing an urban message, it finally found its place at the crossroads of the two stations.
This new settlement of IFO between the two stations gives all its meaning to the Relay program conceived by the two curators, Stéphanie and Michael. It is like a gear rocking in rhythm with the movement of the swing and the rainbow

more informations: http://www.visitlondon.com/lumiere