Origamis in the Air

French Light Object, Moscou, 2013-2014

I proposed this project for the French Light Object event – produced by Congo Bleu, and commissioning four different artists
in the center of Moscow for the period from December 2013 to January 2014 ..
Origami in the Air, 12 giant origami resuming the ancient Japanese art of folding,12 popular figures in three models:

The Butterfly The Butterfly
Crane – Bird , The Crane
The Windmill

The project installing the 12 objects along the Nikolskaya street leading to Red Square
evolves these figures suspended in the air, plunging passer by in an oniric and bright universe

The highly technical objects resumed paper folding method for industrially aluminium application.
The challenge of the project was to create light with the essence of origami, adjusting the lighting into the folds created.

Nikolskaya Street, very refined and picturesque street along the Gum, luxurious and famous commercial center
was therefore the perfect place to implement art objects of high aesthetic and technical quality.

Maître d’ouvrage : Ville de Moscou
Décembre 2013 Janvier 2014