I love Klaipeda

Klaipeda, 2016

Ann from Tharau is a great monument in Klaipeda, created by Alfred Kune, in tribute to love between Simon Dach and Ann.

Many tourists take pictures of Ann as a symbol of Klaipeda.

The monument is a little bit austere and its rigor belongs to earlier years of XX century.

The main idea is to reconnect the statue to XXI century, putting Ann in an monumental snowdome,

to play with the picturesque site, which can become caricatural and magical.

Connect past and present, offer memory to present time – the first fonction of the snowdome memento.

The project is rich by its many levels of reading, he created a new vector of centrality in the place

LOVE KLAIPEDA is a real wink to the symbolic force of the tourism in Klaipeda

Ann, turning into The I of I LOVE KLAIPEDA, will be the link between the installation and the city.

A lighting LED system gived specific vibration and color changing during the evening.


A poetic experience, speechless.

An dream and a way to childhood

An aesthetic impact.