Quiétude 365 stars

Lyon, Fête des lumières 2009

365 stars scattered on the water, the sky mirroring on the sea
movement. Some crackling lights guides, signals flash point in random rythms,as 365 solitudes in constant call.
These lights punctuated will be visible over 1.2 miles, and will draw a lightmap, an ephemeral constellation. 365 distresses, 365 fireflies.
365 days: a year light, a photon traveling 365 days: an intergalactic distance.
365 anchor light, a sea of signs, 365 crews that appears to create a dynamic pulse, call to infinity.
365 stars, a starry sky on the water, a special moment between heaven and Earth.

Maître d’ouvrage : Ville de Lyon

Photos : Michel Djaoui